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Spiritual Practices: What Good Are They?

What good are spiritual practices? Why take time to pray, meditate, journal, or spend time to intentionally develop the spiritual dimension of life? There are some critics who claim that a focus on spirituality is nothing more than self-indulgence. I’ve … Continue reading

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The Arrogant Preacher

I’m very proud of my association with the United Church of Christ. As a Christian denomination, we tend to be a bit different from other denominations. We are rooted in the Christian tradition. We strive to be radically inclusive of … Continue reading

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The Higgs Boson, God, and Belief

It was news that had been anticipated and hoped for in the scientific community. On July 4, 2012, it was made official: with 99.99% statistical certainty, the presence of the Higgs boson was identified. The Higgs is a particle whose … Continue reading

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