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Ritual: Grounding our Lives in the Present Moment.

I am pleased to welcome a guest blogger to emerging: Glenna Shepherd, pastor of the Decatur United Church of Christ in Decatur, GA. I’m inviting you to take a few moments and consider Glenna’s most recent reflection on ritual and … Continue reading

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Are You Good Enough?

It’s a common problem. It’s so common that in the 1990’s, the late-night TV show Saturday Night Live created a skit about people addressing this problem. With Al Franken playing the character Stuart Smalley, Stuart attempted to convince himself that … Continue reading

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Church Participation and the Growing Number of Unaffiliated

It’s happening – and happening around the world: an increasing number of people no longer participate in traditional religious groups and label themselves as not affiliated with religion. It’s not a new trend. In Europe, the shift became noticeable after … Continue reading

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