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Religion and Spirituality: How Different Are They?

It’s often said that religion and spirituality are fundamentally different. The arguments for this position go something like this. Religion is about dogma, fixed beliefs, and rituals to which people must adhere. Spirituality is individualized, focused on experience, and free … Continue reading

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Earth Day 2015

Each year, since 1970, people around the globe have marked Earth Day. While seen by some as a fringe movement, Earth Day awareness and modern environmentalism have led to the environmental protection laws, the use of unleaded fuel in automobiles, … Continue reading

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The Younger Generation: A Perspective on Changing Spiritual Values

I found her to be nothing less than amazing: bright, engaged, open to new ideas, and about seventy years of age. I wasn’t sure from her gray hair, but I bet she was probably a red head in her youth. … Continue reading

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