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A Christian Minister Dishearten by Contorted American Christianity

I am seriously disheartened by the form of Christianity that is most prominent in the United States today.  Conservative Evangelical Christianity dominates the public sphere. Evangelical leaders make statements which demonstrate their support the politics of the privileged minority while … Continue reading

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The Perfect Life or the Happy Life?

Sometimes, most of us wonder about the quality of our lives.  Are we satisfied with life?  Are we happy?  Is something missing?  Could life be better? I suspect that when these questions are asked, like around birthdays or significant changes, … Continue reading

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Diversity:  Lessons from My Backyard

In spring, my parent’s yard was a bright array of color.  My mother had a bed with yellow and white daffodils.  My father planted multi-colored tulips under maple trees. There were two colors of lilacs filling the air with their … Continue reading

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