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Change, Impermanence, and Living in the Present

It’s one of the best memories from that time in my life.  It was a routine that was simple, refreshing, and renewing.  In the evening, I’d walk Lincoln Road.  Some shops along the way were vacant. Others were newly remodeled.  … Continue reading

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Prophetic Faith: The Spirit of Social Justice Today

We are living in a time of political discord.  This is true in many countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and throughout the Middle East, Latin America and Africa.  To say that there are large segments of … Continue reading

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Living with Racism: A White Man’s Perspective

It happened again.  Each time it happens, I am annoyed and not sure what to do.  I’ve learned that drawing attention to it doesn’t help. It just makes an awkward situation more awkward.  But I can’t ignore it.  Let me … Continue reading

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