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An Open Letter to My Friend, a Scientist

In our last conversation, you offered to be a guest speaker at my church. When I asked about the topic you’d like to address, you said, “Someone needs to tell them the truth about science and religion.” My response was … Continue reading

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The Higgs Boson, God, and Belief

It was news that had been anticipated and hoped for in the scientific community. On July 4, 2012, it was made official: with 99.99% statistical certainty, the presence of the Higgs boson was identified. The Higgs is a particle whose … Continue reading

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Does God Answer Prayer?

In a previous posting, Does God Care?, I shared my perspective on whether God chooses winners and losers in human affairs based on our prayers. Examples included praying for a particular political candidate or sports team to win. In response … Continue reading

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