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Millennials: Spirituality and Religion

What makes the millennial generation so interesting? News stories, comedy shows, and researchers are all discussing millennials. McDonalds has introduced ordering by touch-screens to appeal to the millennial generation, the largest generational group in the United States Other businesses and … Continue reading

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What Good Is Religion if the Facts Aren’t True?

For some time, there has been significant debate about whether or not the facts in the Bible are true. This debate has been framed in a variety of ways. In the early twentieth century, biblical scholars searched for evidence of … Continue reading

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Religion and Spirituality: How Different Are They?

It’s often said that religion and spirituality are fundamentally different. The arguments for this position go something like this. Religion is about dogma, fixed beliefs, and rituals to which people must adhere. Spirituality is individualized, focused on experience, and free … Continue reading

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