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A Christian Minister Dishearten by Contorted American Christianity

I am seriously disheartened by the form of Christianity that is most prominent in the United States today.  Conservative Evangelical Christianity dominates the public sphere. Evangelical leaders make statements which demonstrate their support the politics of the privileged minority while … Continue reading

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Prophetic Faith: The Spirit of Social Justice Today

We are living in a time of political discord.  This is true in many countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and throughout the Middle East, Latin America and Africa.  To say that there are large segments of … Continue reading

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A Lesson in Personal Change: The Life of Oscar Romero

I often hear it said, “People never change.” This adage is generally repeated in a moment of frustration and at that time, it seems to be true. Is it that people don’t ever change or that people don’t change in … Continue reading

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