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Prophetic Faith: The Spirit of Social Justice Today

We are living in a time of political discord.  This is true in many countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and throughout the Middle East, Latin America and Africa.  To say that there are large segments of … Continue reading

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The Gift that is Present

Stories have a certain kind of potency to them.  Stories convey life lessons that often make rote learning seem shallow.  Long after they are told, stories can continue to inspire the hearer who in turn can draw multiple layers of … Continue reading

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The Uniqueness of Christian Contemplative Prayer

Finding information on meditation and techniques is quite easy today.  Classes are taught at Buddist sanghas, Christian churches, Jewish synagogues, yoga studios, health clubs, gyms…just about any place where people can gather.  In metropolitan areas, there are often large outdoor … Continue reading

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