Advent: A Spiritual Journey


It is without a doubt that my favorite season of the Christian liturgical calendar is Advent.  As someone drawn to the contemplative dimension of life, the four-week opportunity marked by hopeful anticipation touches my spirit deeply.

This year, I’m inviting you to join me for a virtual Advent retreat.  Over the four weeks before Advent, we’ll use video clips, readings and have time for personal reflection as we explore themes of waiting, illuminating, preparing, and longing.

With the rush of Christmas activities, the weeks of Advent often seem lost in pre-Christmas festivities.  Perhaps this virtual retreat can provide a balance to the business of the season while engaging in the spiritual practice of Advent.  This will be a rich opportunity to wait in quiet and with hope for the fulfillment of an age-old promise and share the depth of the experience with others.

This retreat will be offered through PATHWAYS Theological Education.  I’ve been working with PATHWAYS for about six years and chair the board which oversees the program.  It will be a great opportunity to learn more about other aspects of my work by connecting through PATHWAYS.

To register for this Advent: A Spiritual Journey, visit

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