Ritual: Grounding our Lives in the Present Moment.

I am pleased to welcome a guest blogger to emerging: Glenna Shepherd, pastor of the Decatur United Church of Christ in Decatur, GA.

I’m inviting you to take a few moments and consider Glenna’s most recent reflection on ritual and spirituality, both from a Christian and personal perspective. Glenna shares about the importance of ritual in life as something that grounds us and opens us to experience life in more depth.

Glenna maintains a regular video blog as part of the church’s weekly e-letter: The Chimes. The church has a second weekly blog: Morning Cup of Hope.

You can learn more about Decatur United Church of Christ, a progressive Christian church with a liturgical style of worship, at their web site: http://www.decaturucc.org/ For those at a distance, there’s a great video archive on the site. Sunday morning services are also streamed lived from the web site.

Thanks, Glenna, for sharing with us on e-merging!

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